In my kitchen today..

Today is Gorgeous Daughter's birthday. However, I'm not making or baking anything for that this year.

Instead I'm making two loaf-tin Christmas cakes for the two of us to eat over the next couple of weeks, and a use-it-up curry as we have our weekly veg delivery tomorrow.

Often I stretch a curry out to put some in the freezer, but today it's just for our lunch.

I cooked two thinly sliced onions, the end of a head of celery and half a butternut squash (cubed) in a few squirts of oil until they were starting to go golden, then added 200g red lentils.

My curry spices were next - I used garam masala, turmeric and cumin - then a tin of reduced fat coconut milk.

Once this had simmered for 15 mins or do, I added two shredded pak choi.

As it is a use-it-up curry, I looked for anything else that needed using before tomorrow.  I added two sliced (but not peeled) carrots.

I'm sat eating a gorgeous coconutty madrassy curry.


Hope you are well,

Take care,

Tracey xx


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