A rather nice recipe

 As always, you can swap out/in ingredients that you do/don't like. Amounts are approximate. 

I'm calling this Baked Salmon with a Spicy Casserole.

You will need:

A pack of smoked bacon, cut into thin strips

4 steaks of salmon

Two sliced onions

Cubed root veg - I used half a butternut squash and a carrot

2 sliced potatoes

A head of broccoli cut into stems

1 tbsp smoked paprika

2 tsp dried oregano

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

1 tin of passata

Turn oven on to 180 (ish)

I arranged the root veg, onion and broccoli into a casserole dish, added the tomatoes and passata and spices and stirred them.

Then stir in the bacon strips.

Arrange the cut sliced potatoes around the edge of the casserole dish leaving the centre uncovered.

Put into the oven and roast for half an hour.

Pop the salmon onto the un-potato-ed centre part and put back into the hot oven for another 10 minutes.

Once your salmon steaks are cooked, removes from the oven and serve up.


Let me know any new recipes you are enjoying.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. That sounds wonderful. I will share one of my favourite ways lately with spuds.
    Peel and parboil for 9 minutes
    strain and leave with lid off for all the hot steam for begger orf.
    Waaaait because it does take a long time
    then shake it gently - the pan and your bottom should you so wish...
    put the coolish should be a bit fluffy on the outside now spuds in a flat casserole dish
    Pour half a pint of stock of your choice ( I always match my stock to my main component - unless the spuds are the main component ) around the spuds BUT NOT OVER. Should be about half a cm deep really.
    Then spray/brush or drizzle oil over the tops and bake for 30 mins
    season to your taste - I use sea salt flakes and ground black pepper
    The stock will disappear and leave a sticky caramalised residue and the potatoes will look golden and delicious!


  2. We like fish and one easy recipe we copied from something we bought from the supermarket is Italian Cod. Spread cod fillets with pesto (I enjoy growing herbs, so make my own to use up gluts), then add french beans cut into 2cm ish lengths, halved cherry tomatoes and some chopped sundried tomatoes for a bit of oomph. Add some good swigs of olive oil over the top of everything, then bake, uncovered in the oven at 180 for 20-25 minutes. Serve with rice. We like brown, but use whatever is to hand.


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