Ooh Thats a Good Idea!!

 I watched a TV programme this week about saving money on your shopping.

It's the type of show I would usually have on in the background while I'm knitting or sewing; the type of show I'd 'shout' at, saying things like: 'You'd save move money if you didn't buy all that crap!' Etc..

Anyway, this week's show involved a family saving the environment. 

This was a different angle to the usual money management theme, and it made a lot of sense.

One aspect I was interested in was cleaning products. I really like cleaning, but there is an awful lot of waste - plastic bottles, kitchen roll, etc. This programme got me thinking about what we could do differently. 

Some ideas I am going to try are:

* a dishwashing soap bar, instead of washing up liquid that comes in a plastic bottle

* shampoo and conditioning bars 

* re-usable kitchen roll

* a laundry egg 

We currently use soap nuts, but used to use a laundry egg about 10 years ago.

Another area to think about is our fruit and veg.  Buying from a local farm shop that delivers weekly is something we've been doing since before the first lockdown.  The quality of the food is super, and there is no packaging waste. 

Following this week's show, I decided to have only in- season products.  The farm shop buys from all local producers, with the exception of fruit that cannot be grown easily in the uk (Bananas and Satsumas, for example). My box came today and I plan our weekly meals around the produce.

The last thing the programme talked about was second hand clothing, as this reduces the carbon footprint from buying all new clothing. As regular readers know, I'm a tried and tested second-hand Annie!!

What coukd you change in your house to be more eco-friendly? 

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. My grandmother used to rub an old rag on a green bar of soap to clean the dishes. Unrinsed it made for interesting flavours! My mother refined? the process by using Daz washing powder which didn't always dissolve and we had plates with blue speckles. Yum! I am still here in my 70th year so it can't have done me too much harm.

  2. I use a lot of these but the problem with reusable kitchen roll is the extra washing they cause. I've had a laundry egg for years but I prefer to use home made laundry soap made from ivy or conkers.

  3. I've just switched to Smol laundry detergent, it's a postal subscription so very convenient. I have used eco liquids for a really long time, but it is becoming a faff to get my bottle refilled (for various reasons) so a box of 24 blobs will plop through the letterbox every 54 days. I will get the bottle of liquid refilled soon, because I handwash a lot of things, but I like the new stuff so far.

    I think in terms of being greener two things I could do are buy less and be more careful with water use.

  4. We have been using shampoo and conditioner bars for a few years. I didn't know you could get dish washing bars.
    We buy second hand wherever possible too.
    Please could you tell me the name of the programme as I would like to see if it is available on catch up TV?

    1. Hi Debbie, it's called 'Shop Well for the Planet'. xx

  5. I would like to buy our milk in glass bottles from our local milkman, but he only sells milk in plastic cartons and delivers to our village in the late morning/early afternoon. Who wants their milk sitting outside in the heat in a plastic container on a Summer's day? I would like to reduce our plastic use and this is something that is ongoing. Let us know how you get on with the shampoo bars, as that would seem to be a quick and easy change that I could happily get on board with if the product works ok.

  6. I've also been considering some of those bar soaps - but they are very expensive! I think I will start with a shampoo bar and see how it works. I need to have non-scented and everything seems to have very strong scents so I will have to look around.
    I do use reusable produce bags and grocery bags, as plastic items "die", I replace them with glass or metal and I try not to waste food of any kind.

    I've never been much of a shopper as a form of entertainment and the past 18 months have killed that even more. I don't find many second hand stores here but I don't shop the "fast fashion" shops - I buy the best quality I can afford and then wear it forever.

    I don't drive so walk or use public transit and still use an old basic cell phone - plus my laptop is about 8 years old - I will never be one of those people in line at the Apple store breathlessly waiting for the latest and greatest!

    Packaging is an issue but more grocery stores are starting to offer packaging that isn't plastic based and can be recycled so I will support that as it appears.

    Even if we only do a bit - it all adds up,

  7. I've been using the Eco Egg shown on the programme for five years or more. They really are very, very good, although a bit loud and clunky in the machine!
    We also use the bamboo reusable kitchen towel, I was always very conscious o& how much paper towel I was using!
    We have 'Faith in Nature' solid shampoo and conditioner bars, the Coconut and Shea Butter ones. They're very good, not highly fragranced, and get our hair lovely and clean, but occasionally I use a really good ordinary conditioner too, just to give my hair a treat!
    I also use a lot of bicarb, vinegar and lemon juice around the house and try to keep chemicals to an absolute minimum.
    I don't have any second hand clothes, but that's because I'm quite chubby and don't often see my size in chazza shops. However, I don't wear clothes out quickly, so don't buy very many!


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