A quick catch-up

Well, what can I say?

It's been pretty full-on here in our wee house.

The start of the school term has meant Man Wonderful et moi resuming our school days roles:  breakfasts / packed lunches / making sure kiddies get to school and home again: so that Gorgeous Daughter can begin her new career (!!!) as son-in-law continues to progress with his. 

We are still very much enjoying our little life here by the sea.

and... exciting news ...

We are moving house!

Still within the same area, but to a lighter, slightly roomier wee house.

I am so excited!!

It is year 2 of the degree course I began last year in lockdown - it's 30 years since I graduated - and this degree is a hobby.  (It's with the OU and I can totally recommend it!)

Also...I am working hard on the DAY OF THE YEAR - Christmas!!

Message me below to tell me your catch-up news.

Take care,

Tracey xx


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