Christmas 2021


Yes, there are always lots of things to think about and do, but you don't need to be stressed about this day.

Here are some tips for you from my little obsession with Christmas:

. Make a plan: what is important to you? Decoration. Food. Gifts. People.           Spending.  Gifts.  Activities.  

. What has not gone well in previous Christmases that this year you would like to be different?

. Use a diary or calendar to separate out what you can do at which time - this is everything from cooking to inviting people to when to decorate and when to wrap gifts.

. We don't just have one day that is special - we spread it out over two weeks - the week before Christmas and the week after.

. We have a theme each year for decorations - this year it's Scandi!

. I buy gifts throughout the year - I think it's better to have a few little things to open rather than one bigger thing.  

. I have a fixed budget that I stick to.

. We plan food and meals together.

. Activities involving friends / kids / grandkids are sooo important to us.

. I like to make my own Christmas cards every year, and they are written and ready to send before 1st December.

. I treat myself to one Christmas magazine a year, and keep these to get out year on year for ideas.

. I use my making skills to make as many gifts as I can - it's cheaper and I feel it has more love in than a bought gift.

. I use the simplest wrapping paper and string - it's the gift, not the paper - or ribbons.  

. I save and keep things from the year before I can use again; ribbon, cards to make into gift tags, unused gifts to re-gift (something like candles).

. I collect throughout the year things like Kilner jars to put homemade biccies in, or small boxes to place a gift in before wrapping up.

. Have a budget for everything - food / decorations / postage costs / travel? 

. How to not spend as much?  Buy decorations from a budget store - decorations, etc?   Alter things you already have.  Make things.  Tell people you are giving to a charity this year rather than buying gifts for everybody.  Give vouchers for things you can do..e.g. Babysitting vouchers.

. We use shop saving vouchers throughout the year that we can spend in December.  This is a brilliant way to save - we get 4% back on what we have saved - and we do not need to stress about both Christmas food and feeding ourselves in December/January.

. Eating out:  limit your selves to a favourite meal, and save to do this.

. Activity wish list.  List things that cost very little or are free and things that have a cost alongside a budget.

There will be more Christmas blogposts to follow!!

Take care,

Tracey xx


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