Moving House!!

 So, Man Wonderful and my wee self are moving home! 

As I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, we decided to move to a house slightly bigger and more suited to us.

It was quite strange really, as we haven't been looking for a different place to live, and have been very content living here for the last few years.

However, one of our neighbours told us they were moving out of the area, and it made us think..

Their house is very similar to ours, but a bit bigger..

An extra downstairs room, a bigger bathroom, a bigger garden. Also, a new kitchen and bathroom suite.


So we put in our interest and in a fortnight we will be waving goodbye to the tiny house and hello to the slightly bigger one!

I don't know if you've seen the TV programme where they take out all the household contents of a cluttered family home, put them into a big place - like a sports hall - and then encourage the family to reduce their clutter by 50%?

By way of reward, they then decorate the family's house.

Well I am incredibly pleased to share that Iwe would not qualify in the slightest for a programme like that!

We live a pretty minimalist lifestyle - ( me and Man Wonderful share one single wardrobe, for example ) and the new place will add more space to our few belongings.

I do have quite a lot of sheet music, but I play the piano everyday - and my music is housed on two tall, slim bookshelves.

I have a couple of packing boxes in the attic full of craft materials, and the same size in boxes full of LPs.

I don't want to get rid of either collection presently. 

The only other item that takes up space is a half-built dolls house I'm restoring with granddaughter. It is too difficult to get to it where we live, as it is placed in one of the spare bedrooms but impeded by the bed as it is a small room.

In the new place, granddaughter has already decided where it will go - in 'her' room, on a table by the window - with easier access to play and decorate the house.

So there we are.

Two weeks time and I'll be blogging from a new place. 

When we are in, I promise pictures.

In the meantime, amongst packing I'm making more Christmas cake - Man Wonderful has already eaten the first 2 I've made this season  . ...

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. How lovely for you - I'm sure you will be very happy. All the fun of a bigger space but in a familiar place so no need to get to know new folks.
    Wishing you a very smooth and trouble free move.

  2. I am very pleased for you both and I wish you every happiness in your new home.

  3. Hope your move goes well wish you happiness in your new home

  4. Ooh! Exciting! Many congratulations. I bet you can't wait to be in there.


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