The Garden Centre


I met up with T  for a coffee and a catch up.
We went to the local garden centre, which has a lovely bright and cheery coffee shop. 
The hot drinks are quite reasonable at £2.50 each, but I always take my own milk and teabags (in tiny containers, don't worry!) so I just asked for a mug of hot water.
(Yes, I know they are trying to make a living, but the only way I can actually afford to go out is by taking my own - as this meant I could buy in the main shop.)
Anyhow, we had a long chat and put the world to rights. (It's a shame we didn't put the actual world to rigys: it certainly needs it right now..)
After our coffee we pottered around the shop part of the centre while we carried on nattering.

I bought some lovely wool for grandson's winter jumper: 

All I need to do now is decide on the pattern!

On my work list I have two tops to alter for a friend, a commission for some socks, a crochet Teddy for a newborn due in October and a pair of trousers to take in for a lady.

The sun is out, I'm hoping we will have more summer weather for the next 2 or 3 weeks...we'll see.

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday. 

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. That wool is a lovely colour! I am knitting a Thomas the tank engine jumper for my granddaughter at the moment, then I have a long list of requests from family members.
    I hope we get some sun before school starts again.


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