Friday Night Dinner Party

 I'm sorry that I didn't take any pictures this evening, but read on and you will see how flaming busy I was!

A and I have been close friends for almost 20 years. She is kind, brutally honest, very loving and doesn't tolerate idiots. She is fun to be with.

I decided yesterday to invite A and husband S for dinner. It's been ages (due to lockdown yadda yadda) since we've had a decent night together. 

This meant stepping off the meal planner and dipping into the frivolous fund.

A has certain food types to avoid, so I put on my thinking cap, and this was our evening's menu:

King Prawns marinated in olive oil with shredded garlic and smoked paprika.  Served with seeded artisan bread and stir-fried chestnut mushrooms.

Sirloin steak with a creamy  pepper sauce. New potatoes and steamed seasonal, local veg.


Peppered Quorn steaks. Veg as above.

Eton Mess with local berries


Whole Camembert served with fresh foccacia.

The trickiest part for me was cooking steak, as it has been years since I did this.

However the meal was a great success.


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