My Beautiful Life...

 I genuinely think I have the perfect life.

We have enough to eat, enough to do, enough money.

We are not rich by any means, we do not own our own house, we do not rely on other people.

So I thought I'd  let you see a little more of our life! 

We live in a tiny terraced house in the West Country. 

'We' is Man Wonderful and myself.

Plus dog.

We live on a very small income based on Pension / Disability allowance / Income from tutoring.

Our days are very simple - in term time we go to Daughter's house early to have breakfast with/take grandkids to school.  At kicking out time, we collect grandkids and have after school snack with them.  This is to assist Daughter and Son-in-Law as they both work full time.
Out of term-time we have more relaxed days, but still spend lots of time with the little ones (and the bigger ones!).

Our weekends are easy - we do something on Saturday around the local country or seaside - walking, taking dog out, meeting friends for coffee.
Sunday is family day and we all eat together.

We are pretty old-fashioned.
We do not have a dishwasher or a high-tech TV.
We love listening to the radio or the piano (I play).
We love reading books.
I knit, crochet and sew.
We regularly natter into the early hours.
We sit and eat our meals at the kitchen table.

We watch the same type of TV programmes:  University Challenge, Only Connect, Cycling (him) Sewing Bee (me).
We like to watch sitcoms - especially if they are witty: Friday Night Dinner / IT Crowd / The Good Life / Black Books / King Gary.

My guilty indulgence is watching Real Housewives of Cheshire...Man Wonderful calls it junk TV!

We love walking, having occasional meals out, taking flask and picnic to different places.

So that's basically our wee beautiful life.

Ask me any questions, or tell me about your life and why it is beautiful?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Pretty similar except we don't have grandchildren.

    Husband is retired (well he is older than me) but I still work full time.

    Haven't figured out how to work the Smart TV but watch some series online.

    Knit, embroider, and read.

  2. I absolutely loved this post <3

    A beautiful, comfortable life lived simply! I shall have a think about what is beautiful in my own life. Thank you :)


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