Selling clothing and making money

 I love buying second hand things- clothing, etc., and it would be incredibly tempting to buy and buy and fill the little space I have with stuff.

But Man Wonderful and I operate a one-in / one-out policy to stop any over-collecting (or hoarding as it is also known!).

As I bought a couple of dresses on Saturday on my Mum and Daughter day out, I wanted to sort out some of the things I already had.

I told my friend that's what I was doing today and she asked if I could help her by sorting through her clothes with her.  'Of Course!' I replied. She arrived with - no exaggeration -  a CARBOOT full of clothes that she/her daughters/her mum no longer wanted.

So here I have been. 

In my lounge. 

That actually looked like a charity shop back-room.

(no that's not me!!)

I sorted all the clothes into size piles, while I looked them over.  Anything that needed going to the rag bag went in a corner, anything I could mend into another.

Anything I could sell individually -  designer items, larger items (size 28 plus) went into a box.

I took a photo of each item and listed them on eBay or Vinted.

The clothing that wasn't for this way of selling I put into a box and advertised as a 'bundle' for a set amount on the local selling page online.

It isn't difficult to sell your unwanted items, it just takes you time and effort.

You won't get back what you paid for the items - but having a few pounds in your pocket is better than having zero.

Do you sell your unwanted clothing?

Take care,

Tracey xx


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