Forgot My Pyjamas!!

 We've had a couple of days away to family's house this weekend, to deliver the two dogs we've babysat.

Family have been on holiday and we have given our pooch some fun with the extra four-legged friends.

We packed a small case with clothes we might need while away..but as today's title gives away, I forgot my pj's!

At home I'm quite relaxed.

I have a selection of easy wear/easy wash nighties. But they are not desperately 'suitable' to wear around other people besides Man Wonderful. 

I'm not built like a page 3 stunner; nor like I was in my 20s..I'm built for comfort these days and so my one pair of PJs is what is suitable.

But I didn't bring them.


Night one I slept in a t-shirt and pants.

Night two the same t-shirt and pants.

Night tonight.

I'm hoping to get somewhere near a Sainsburys or Asda to buy a cheap-o but soft-o pair of PJs that can add to my vast collection of suitable nightwear.

If not, then Man Wonderful's t-shirt beckons...

More to follow!

Take care

Tracey xx


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