Meal Planning saves us money!

 Meal planning in this house is not a new thing.

In fact, I was meal planning before I met Man Wonderful as I've had a budget to stick to for all my adult life.

Today, as usual, I looked through the cupboards and wrote what we already had. Then I checked the freezer.

Armed with my stocktake, I sat with MW and we decided what we'd like to ear over the next 10 days.

Here is my scrappy stock take, followed by my meal plan..then finally my shopping list.

  This is what I have in my tinned goods and dry cupboard - I also have bacon in my fridge.  (I don't have sausages and we are not sure we want to get any right now.)
 This is the food in my freezer: the lower half is meals prepared before/where I've had leftovers.
 And here is the meal planning using up what we have.

Added to this is our fresh veg from the weekly box, and fresh fruit. 
We eat salad with something for lunch: cooked bacon / leftovers / jacket spud..etc.
Breakfast is always homemade porridge and fruit.

All I need to purchase to feed us for the next 10 days is:
Salmon - to cook and have with lunch salads
Goats cheese - again, for 'with salads'
A dozen eggs - "

I hope you found that interesting. 
I really like seeing how other people shop and make their meals; especially when they are done frugally.

Do you meal plan? 
Do you try to save pennies this way?

Take care,
Tracey xx


  1. The scrappy stocktake and neater menu plan are very similar to my method!


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