Where did you get that hat?

Where did you get that tile?
Isn't it a nobby one and just the proper style?
I should like to have one just the same as that
Where e'er I go they shout: "Hello, where did you get that hat?"


Nope, I'm not writing about older songs that tend to pop in your head when you are doing the washing up!  (no? just me??)

Today I want to ask you where your talents come from.

This conversation happened this morning between Man Wonderful and me.

Like many folks, I have more than one craft project on-the-go .. (ooh I feel like I've just stood up at Crafter's Anonymous..my name is Tracey and I'm a Craft-a-holic!)

I like to have a sewing, a crochet, a machine sewing and a knitting project on the go.  (It's not a sickness, it's hobbies!)

I'm hand stitching a patchwork quilt, machine sewing some applique, knitting a unicorn jumper and crocheting a cushion cover.

Man Wonderful asked me where I learned these talents - did I learn them all from my mum?

I thought about this carefully.

I learned knitting and crochet from my darling mum when I was a child - she learned both these from a nurse when she was in an isolation hospital as a child; she had TB.

I learned machine sewing at school.  Although my mum had a sewing machine, it wasn't something she tutored me with (I was too busy playing piano, I expect!!).

But I learned hand stitched, paper-pieced patchwork from my big sister.

She is 14 years older than me and I used to spend a couple of weeks a year at her house.  My darling mum was disabled and it was a break for them not having a little one (me) around for a bit. I've learned a lot of things from my sister over the years, and it's lovely that I'm now teaching her (via Skype) to play the piano.

My big sister is now retired, and we still chat about an hour a week about this, that and everything.

And she still shares new talents with me.

I do regret not learning tatting from my darling mum - although some other things she taught me have been fab:  darning socks, replacing elastic, altering clothes.


Where did you learn your talents?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Let's think, I learned crochet and tatting from one of my grandmothers. She made those lacy mats that used to go under plantpots and on tea trays in more gentile times. I was more interested in learning to make dolls' clothes from fine cotton yarn. I used to stay with her and I expect it was a way of keeping me quiet for prolonged periods! My father had a clothing business so I learned to sew from him and various of the 'girls' he employed (most were over 50 but it was the tradition to call them girls). I learned basket weaving, embroidery and knitting at school and never took to any after brief flirtations. I was also in disgrace in home economics because I'd learned such bad habits when sewing from my father. To this day I cannot bear to either tack or pin anything and sew at what my old teacher considered a reckless pace! When I was older I did hand-finishing on the higher-end garments for him, including making about 1500 satin roses for one particularly lavish evening dress, but I've very rarely 'crafted' anything I'm afriad. I'm about to resurrect my crochet skills after nearly 50 years and try making some hats. Goodness knows what the result would be. I suspect I may be one of the last generations to learn such things as a matter of course though.

  2. Now that has made me think, mainly my Mum but siblings and friends too.

  3. My mum taught me to knit when I was very little as I was ill and couldn't play out with other children. Mum also taught me to sew. I learned to crochet from a book when I was nine. I really want to learn tatting and bobbin lace making.


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