Three bags full

Good grief I'm tired!!

Happy, but tired.  That's a great feeling actually.

Now stop it and get your mind out of the gutter! (Although yes, that's also a good happy but tired!)

No, today's happy but tired is because we had the two chicklets (AKA the grandkids) to sleep over last night, and for the day today.

Youngest is disabled, and although he is 6 nearly 7 he has the communication skills and understanding of a toddler.  He also sleeps very little, and needs constant care.

We take the chicklets a couple of times a week to give GD and son-in-law respite.

Because it was a hard night, I decided we would be busy and wear ourselves all out today (he might sleep better tonight for M and D).

So, the plan was presented as a treat..

We would visit 3 parks today, and have a picnic lunch!  Lunch needed to take into account the GF vegan diet of Man Wonderful, DF meat-free of my diet, and vegetarian diet of youngest chicklet.

Usually I would make everything for a picnic at home, but on 4 1/2 hours sleep we decided to spend money at the shop on ready-made, and it woukd feel like a treat for us too!!

Eldest chicklet is 8 and she helped me around the local supermarket. (I can't be alone and if I had a seizure she could alert someone and fetch MW from the car.)

I bought:

Quorn mini sausages

Quorn ham

Ready made sarnies from the chiller: cheese for youngest, all-day-breakfast for eldest.

Punnet of grapes

Carrot sticks

White chocolate cookies

Cheese strings

GF rolls

Fruit winders

I took drinks from home - tea in my flask, squash for the kids and water for MW.

We drove to the first park where both kiddies spent 50 minutes running about and playing on the equipment and with each other.

Then we drove to a local beauty spot for an in-car picnic as it was warm - but very blowy!

After eating a lovely lunch and listening to our kids CD we drove to park number 2.

This one was smaller and had fewer pieces of equipment, but the kids still played and chased and loved it!

After 50 mins we piled back into the car and drove to a mini play area that is just beautiful.

All handmade wooden items and large, smooth rocks to chamber on, we were only here for half an hour before we decided it was time yo head for home - so we drive past the harbour and arrived back happy and tired.

And the three bags?

One for drinks.

One for food,

And the third for Nannie's (me) flask, camera, wetwipes, purse and some kiddies spare clothing.  

Three bags full.

(And our hearts).

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I am glad you all enjoyed your day. Happy Easter!


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