A gentle day

When I have a little pupil to tutor, I often start the session by asking them to tell me three lovely things they did in the past week, or three things that made them giggle or smile.

Some little folk will tell me they practiced handstands in the garden or that they had a brilliant sandwich in their packed lunch that day.  Others tell me that their kitten did something funny, or that dad made dinner instead of mum.  

Little, gentle things.

I'm sat writing this to you on my laptop with dog asleep on one of my feet, Spotify playing music for study, the back door is open as Man Wonderful is getting the laundry in off the line, and I can hear birds cheeping away like mad. 

Happy, gentle things.

When we took dog out for a walk yesterday the blossom on a hedge was beautiful, I snapped a shot of a dandelion in full seed and dog made a couple of friends on the field.

I don't know about you, but I thrive on happy, gentle things.  
I've never been a jet-setter (that's not a type of dog..) or a trend-setter (no, that's not  type of dog either..) or even a red setter (it was worth waiting for, wasn't it??).

I'm happy to let others get frantic over expensive holidays, latest fashions, updating their lives to the latest this and that..

Give me a gentle day any day - even just a gentle half hour - and it's a beautiful life.

Take care,

Tracey xx


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