Things to do!

 I thought I'd give you some ideas for things to do - not just because we are at home in a pandemic; nor to do with kiddywinks who may be off school - no, things to have a go at to, y'know, just to do if you need.


Here's my list!  I've added some notes too!

1. Bake a house.  

  It doesn't just have to be Christmas when people have houses made of ginger-y biscuits.. If you are like me, you leave it too late or it doesn't quite work in December; so make a house out of cake of biscuits and decorate it now.  Then eat it.

2. Trim your bush.*

I have a neat bush outside my front door and over the last few years I have been growing it and training it into the shape of a cup and saucer. It's almost there.

* get your mind out of the gutter!

3. Sort out your underwear drawer.

I asked a few weeks ago for ideas how to organise my tights. Since then I have installed a large hook to hang my bras from, and have a sectionny thing in one drawer that folded up tights sit in neatly.

4. Pass on your magazine hoard.

We all have magazines somewhere. I know I do! Sort some out you can live without and give them away. 

5. Sell some books.

Daughter sells books online. She collects unwanted ones, we look through for any we might like to read and she uses an app to sell them; it's only a few pennies each book but it soon adds up!

6. Clean the cleaner.

Take the vacuum to bits and clean each bit.

7. Change the curtains around.

If you have a window where parts of your curtain bleaches in the sun, swap them over and extend their lives: or, take curtains from one room and swap them into a different room for a different look.

8. Bath the dog.

Just done Millie - she is fragrant for a few weeks.

9. Paint or make birthday cards for this month.

10. Re-pot a plant.

11. Clean the bath.

I'm not saying you don't, but I love a cleaner than clean bath.

12. Have a Facepack.

13. Play a game.

Board game, online game, card game. Just escape for a while.

14. Paint your nails.

15. Make a list of your favourite things.

16. Fill a bag from around your house for goodwill. 

17. Tidy and clean your spice rack. 

Yep - and throw out what is out of date or never used.

18. Tidy your recipe books.

I had a Delia Smith I'd never used that's gone to daughter.

19. Plan meals for the next week.

I always do this, but that's because I'm a nerd!

20. Deep condition your hair.

A pamper session.

21. Decide which shoes you actually wear.

Get rid of the ones you don't wear anymore. 

22. Make papier mache.

Recipes on Google. Have some fun!

23. Find an unfinished craft project.

Either finish it or give it away.

24. Play your oldest record or CD.

Have a dance and a giggle.

25. Make something from buttons.


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