No apology at all

If this offends then so be it; feel free to leave a comment: but it really IS only 83 sleeps until Christmas.

I know it's not been Halloween yet, nor Bonfire night: but if you wait until then to get planning, you'll be in the same position you were in last year! *(if this doesn't apply to you: great!)


It's not going away.
Get your arse in gear.
Who do you need to speak to about organisation?
Who do you need to buy for?
What do you need to gather?
What do you need to buy?
Where is it happening?
How will folk get there?
How is it all going to come together?

Paper. Pen. Cuppa.

After all, 83 sleeps means only two more paydays..

Nag over. ;-)


  1. I was excited to read you were writing about something controversial, I didn't know it would be a topic as hot as this!

    We made our first arrangements last week, so I'm getting organised, I promise.

  2. Definitely something I need to address this week. We usually have very quiet Christmas but it's still shocking how it can all add up. X

  3. I've volunteered to do dinner this year. I've also suggested a £20 limit on grown-ups presents - whether people will stick to it is another matter! !

  4. I've started. In fact I started last January, tucking a bit aside every month so it wouldn't be a financial shock. It seems to have worked and anything left over will go into long term savings.
    I've made the mincemeat.
    I've got the pudding.
    Gifts will be mostly home made and I'm well on the road with them.

    I love Christmas!
    J x


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