A lovey Saturday

Somedays I don't think I have a thing to blog about.
Instead, I indulge myself by reading your blogs, and enjoy the little things you get up to.
So I thought I'd just tell you what I did today.
If that's ok?

I woke up around 7 with a sniffly nose, and straightaway knew that the cold other people had last week had got to me.
I got up and left Man Wonderful tucked up in bed, with Millie our new dog asleep at the end of the bed too!
I crocheted until they woke up, then took dog for her morning walk-wee-poop.
When we got back, had a perfect cuppa and a banana before having a truly piping hot shower and getting dressed in thick tights, short skirt (that I altered from a long one I got from the charity shop about three weeks ago for £1), tunic top and knitted gilet.
We popped over to see GD and went to the delightful corner shop where I bought a box of Cornish teabags as well as the Saturday Guardian.
From there, we drove the short distance to a beautiful village set around a tidal estuary, so that I could visit a gallery showcasing a local textile artist who's work I enjoy.

Home for a bowl of salad and tuna, and I spent the afternoon behind my sewing machine before the grandchildren paid us a surprise visit before their dinner time.

After their visit I continued my sewing while MW cooked pasta carbonara with a box of lentil and quinoa pasta I picked up to try last week. It was delicious, and will become a regular Saturday night supper, I can tell!

Now I'm crocheting while MW catches up on the sport.

How was your Saturday?


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