Bunting patterns

As promised, here is both the knitting and the crochet pattern for bunting.

If you didn't read my previous blogpost; my nephew and his fiancée have asked for knitting or crochet people to make bunting instead of giving gifts for their marriage - the happy couple are decorating the reception venue with this hand-made, stash-busting, gift-alternative, and after the marriage will be sewing the bunting into blankets which go to charities they support.

I wrote about making some for their wedding and asked if anyone would like the pattern for their own use, and here they are.

The only thing I would ask is that you make a small donation to a charity of your own choice by way of 'paying it forward'.  (It makes the world go round.)

Crochet Bunting
uses DK yarn and a 4.5mm hook

R1  ch 3
R2  tr into 2nd ch, tr into 3rd ch.
R3  ch3, 2tr into 1st st, 2 tr into last st
R4  ch3, 2tr into 1st st, tr to last, 2 tr into last st
R5 to R15 repeat R4, to 28 sts
R16 ch3 * tr into 1st st, ch1, miss next st, repeat from * tr into last st 
R17 ch1, 1dc into every st, cast off.

Knitted Bunting
uses DK yarn and 5mm needles

R1  K
R2  (K2 tog yo) repeat to last 2, K2 tog
* R3  K
R4  K1  K2tbl  K to last 3sts K2tog K1
R5  K
R6  K  **

Repeat from * to ** until 5 sts left

Next row  K
Next row  K1  K3tbl  K1
Next row  K
Next row  K3tbl

Fasten off


  1. Thank you for the pattern Tracey. I am Mum to a Royal Marine and a Sailor so Help for Heroes will get my donation.


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