New clothes: free!!

A few posts ago I wrote about our everyday savings, including clothing.
These days, if it were up to me, I'd lounge in the same top and leggings all day, and PJs from the time of day when we don't have to go out again (which is when the bra comes off!).
However on a recent visit to my best mate, I was given a black sack and told to have a 'sort through and see'.
She and her daughters had reorganised their wardrobes and wondered if any of the things they were finished with might be of use for me.
As I've previously mentioned (quite a few times, I'm sure!) I'm really only happy in pre-loved clothing and shoes. Best mate knows this, so what might be an odd thing to do for some people was like Christmas for me!

I got three tops, a woollen gilet, and a dress: and as I operate the one in-one out principle, I'll be sorting through my wardrobe for five items I'm wearing least to pass on this week.

My second freebie this week:
I wanted to get a pair of decent boots for the rainy Autumn/cold Winter ahead, and have been looking on eBay and Gumtree for my size and the make I wanted.
I've been looking since before the summer, and with a fixed budget in mind.
However, the title of this blogpost is "free" right?

Well, I was 'watching' on eBay exactly the right pair of boots for me: used, in good condition, my size, and the right make.
I knew my small budget, but didn't put in a bid.
Instead I watched until just before the end of the auction.
Within minutes of the end, I sold unwanted things on the bay of e for exactly the amount I needed to
pay for the boots. I bid within 20 seconds of the end, and won them!

It's free because the money is for things I didn't want anymore.

Do you sell on eBay or buy 'pre-loved' things?


  1. I have never sold on ebay, mind you, by the time I'm ready to let things go they're not worth selling, so I send a few bits to the charity shop and the rest go to the rag man.

    I bought clothes from an actual real shop this weekend, it was a bit of an unusual experience as I usually buy charity shop things, but Dan was so fed up of me "not having anything to wear" we visited the high street.

  2. Back the truck up have a new blog?!!! I mourned the passing of your old one but never caught up with the fact that you'd started again - boy do I have reading to catch up on!
    Thanks for your comment on my last post - not least because it means I've found you again! x


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