It's what your mum is for.

3am and I'm just home from the local A&E department where Gorgeous Daughter was admitted by ambulance very unwell at 9pm; I left as she was being taken to a specialist ward.
We are incredibly blessed to have such fantastic healthcare in the UK.
 I know my grown-up babygirl is in safe hands.
She wanted her mum tonight.

Waiting for MW to collect me I had time to reflect.

That department, was where my mum died.
In A&E. Casualty.
So suddenly she was there then gone.
The bay there this evening. A bed. A chair. The relatives room.

Mum taught me to always have your crochet or knitting with you.
She taught me that the bond between mother and daughter is invincible.
She taught me many good tips for living a frugal life well.

But she didn't teach me how to live without her: I'm still finding that one out for myself.

Update: daughter received superb treatment and is home with medication - poorly, but home.
Thank you for your kind words and comments. X


  1. Hoping so very much GD is OK now. Sending love.
    J x

  2. OMG Tracey! Just found you (again!) on Our New Life in the Country blog sidebar. Fabulous! Have SO missed you. And am SO glad you have started again - Fe#k the trolls and other people. Life is for living - and celebrating - and getting "through" with the people who love & support you. Go girl!

  3. Wishing your daughter all the very best and a speedy recovery. Waiting for new grandchild and had a midnight dash with my grown-up baby last week. No sleep and ultimately false alarm, but you never stop being a mum. Totally agree about NHS, sometimes we really do not value what we have. X

  4. hinTracey,sending lots of good wishes for you daughter,hope she feels better very soon.What a worrying time for you,and a stirring of memories revisiting the A&E,it's amazing how one can cope seemingly well with grief and the loss of a loved one,until something takes you right back to that day,and the heartache comes pouring out.
    Sending hugs your way ,
    Nessa xxx

  5. Kind thoughts coming your way, Tracey. I insisted my DH phone NHS 24 today after suffering with earache since Friday. She has a severe infection linked to her eczema and she said the nurse who prescribed antibiotics and an earspray was excellent. She even told her where the duty pharmacy was. Hope your daughter recovers soon. Catriona

  6. Hope your daughter is soon well again.
    Take care

  7. I hope your daughter is much better now - so sorry, it sounds as if things have been really difficult for you lately. Sending love and best wishes xxx

  8. What's struck me through reading backwards through your blog on is how loved you are xx Glad all was well with GD in the end xx


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