Sailing into the bay of e

"My name is Tracey and I'm an eBay seller."

My recent sales have included;  le Creuset, LPs, DVDs, Scrabble letters for crafting, clothes and shoes.
I've also sold, well, weirder things: a £2 coin..for £7.50 (go figure!), a whistle, broken costume jewellery, old toy cars, ink pens..

Recent items that might make you stop and say, er, what?! include:

. An old pair of MW's flip flops, that he'd finished with, that had a clear image of where his toes had been walking all summer on the picture: they sold in hours!
. Cheese labels. From the packaging on cheeses. That you can buy in the supermarket. Yep. 
. Corks. Used, from wine bottles. Uh-uh. 
. Ring pulls from cans. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

I've blogged about one 'scammer' I had who almost ripped me off and stole a ring that had been my mothers.
The only other issues I've had?

One lady bought an item, emailed to say she had changed her mind and had a valid reason. 
I offered and paid a refund and she's never returned the item. 
I learned a valuable lesson with that one.

The pervy chap the other day who wanted a picture of me in the item I was selling....erm no!

And the chap who bought a kiddies all-in-one snowsuit that I'd bought for the GDaughter but she'd never worn it as I'd bought the wrong size. I'd stupidly removed the tags, so popped it onto eBay to sell and sold it in a couple of days.
Posted it to the buyer.
Who then messaged me to say it was worn, ripped and 'covered in stains', and he wanted a refund.
I asked for photos of the damage, and he sent one of a different item.
The one I'd sold had Minnie Mouse with a star on it, this one had Minnie Mouse and Goofy on it.
Thankfully I take pictures of all my items and put the pictures on the advert.
And all but a blind gerbil could see that the two snowsuits were different things.

Sadly you do get idiots every now and again.

But it's still a fun part-time job to have that is supporting our exciting new adventure!

Do you sell on the Bay of e?  Or shop there?
Have you any funny tales to tell?

FM x


  1. Sounds very interesting. Do you keep a record of your sales as I understand the tax man is now getting interested?


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