Excited much?

Oh it's certainly been a week in my life...
And in a good way.
It feels like we've turned a huge corner.
And if you'll excuse the metaphor, I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not someone with a torch bringing me more work. :-)
Today, after a brief but very gorgeous visit to the young people, MW and I spent a few hours on our next project.
We've come home tired and happy to leftovers for dinner.
I'm deliberately not sharing too much yet... 
But things they are a-changing, and in a good way. 


  1. So glad to hear it Tracey. I am intrigued. There must be something in the air as things are changing in a positive way for me too. X

  2. Aah, can't wait for your good news. So glad things are better for you all.
    My tunnel is slightly less grey but nonetheless blocked. ho hum.


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