Catching up..

I get quite downhearted when I get to the end of a working day, finish my chores**, and then switch on the blog-o-sphere to find few daily updates from those I 'follow': but I'm just as guilty if not more so!!

There's no excuse for my missing posts: I've not been low, or away from home, or away from a signal; and I've certainly not been doing nowt!


Firstly my apologies for being missing a few days.
I've been:
- at work
The new term has begun. I've been in meetings and meetings. Been setting up and planning. Been reassuring and teaching.  Been listening and speaking and listening again.  The weather has been kind.  One pair of shoes' sole fell off and they are beyond repair.  They won't be replaced and I'm working my way through the remaining pairs now.

- at home
We've popped in to see the little family every day after work.  Grandaughter has found it hard, Nannie going back to work, as she's lost a major playmate.  So we've made plans for each after work session. Today we made a collage of an Autumnal tree using coloured squares cut from paint charts.  Tomorrow they are coming for a sleepover so mum and dad can have a date night.
Each night this week, Man Wonderful has cooked supper.
Tonight was veggy chilli, yesterday was poached salmon with steamed veggies, day before was stir-fried veg with mushroom rice....what can I tell you? I'm one happy lady. 

- at play
More eBay sales, a car booty planned for Sunday, nails painted, sock knitting still, plenty of TV grazing (I'm loving celebrity Big Brother!)


What have you been up to?

** who am I kidding?!


  1. I don't blog every day.....on days when I've just been at home doing housework, washing, cooking a fairly normal lunch and maybe doing a bit of crochet, I don't blog because I don't want to bore the pants off people!

    So I only blog really when I've got something to say or have done something slightly out of the ordinary.

  2. well, blogger is playing silly with me, so I have problems updating.

    I'm waiting to go on a job interview next week. It's to cover an 8 month vacancy in a public health unit. Not my dream unit but time away from the ward would be wonderful. I'm waiting for my "dream" ward to have an opening, so more experience won't hurt.

    I'm charge of cooking, my spouse hasn't a clue. When I work shifts, he lives on canned fish and ramen noodles. No reason other than laziness.

  3. Yum, veggie chilli.

    I have no idea where this week has gone, I assume I've been doing things but I have no idea what!

  4. :-)
    I'm using some of your lovely yarn to kit warm woolly hats for the refugees. I have had lovely visitors. I have gone out and done stuff. It's all been very relaxed, in fact.
    It's nice to read your messages again. And if you want to take a break - then please do!
    J x

  5. I love to read your posts, whenever you can write, that is great.
    I am happy when I see a new post in my email list, but it is OK too to have a little break.
    So are you going to a car boot to sell or browse?
    Either way, I hope you have fun.
    Pam in TX.xx

  6. I have been avoiding blogging and visiting for the last couple of weeks as I lost my "blogging mojo." I am hoping I have got it back again though!

  7. I always look forward to your posts Tracy. I love your blog, it's very honest. I had some problems with someone onmy last blog. I really need to get on and start a new one. X

  8. Veggie chilli, sounds good. I blog very spasmodically, people probably get fed up of not seeing anything new and don't bother looking! You do it when you feel inspired or have something to say.


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