A few fellow bloggers have mentioned seeing Christmas displays in shops already and it's only the first week of September.


Today, on the way home from a very successful car booty sale, Man Wonderful and I popped into a very large Mr Tesco's store that we don't usually frequent, to gather supplies for a roast meal for the family this evening.
The "lady" in front of us at the checkout had two large tins of choccies amongst her haul.
I casually said, "Someone's getting organised early for Christmas!", with a smile.
She replied - and I kid you not - 
"Nah, these are for supper tonight. I can't be arsed cooking."



  1. om goodness i hope she was joking...i like to have christmas stuff available to spread over various pay checks quite like browsing christmas isles and having a think about it/nicking ideas....i take u didnt buy any ?
    take care tessa

  2. OMG!! We don't have 'Heroes" over here, but I would imagine they are similar to quality street? What a healthy supper! I wonder if her family has weight issues!

  3. No wonder people are getting fatter by the week. What must kids think when they are brought up eating crap morning, noon and night!!

    I'm getting to saturation point with the amount of processed and junk foods on the supermarket shelves, I'm seriously considering another year with NO supermarket shopping at all, just to give myself a breather.

  4. I am soooooo tempted as I am fed up of coming up with idea's for supper! Heroes are a swizz though, they are half filled with eclairs - which we don't like...

  5. Not sure I'd get away with serving them up as a meal in our house, although as a dessert they'd go down a treat! I saw them in Tesco today, stacks and stacks of them and they seem to get smaller every year. I usually check the standard boxes first because it's sometimes cheaper to buy them like that. xx

  6. I am amazed by the amount of stuff that goes into peoples' trollies. I have been watching the BBC2 programme about saving money on food and I can't remember the title. I really can't imagine how someone can find cutting up cheese (or chicken, ugh) too difficult and couldn't be bothered with it.

  7. hope you are well tracey...busy back at work i expect

    hope to hear from you soon tessa


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