What makes you do what you do for a living?
I work because I have to.  

I used to do my job and say that I did it because I adored it, or loved it.
I used to think that if I'd won the lottery, I would have carried on working there in some way.

Nowadays it's just a job.
I mean, most of the time it's a nice job; y'know, not unpleasant.  

I don't have to work in a sewer.
My life isn't in danger during my working day.
The people I work with aren't horrible to be around.
The rooms I work in are clean and bright.
I get paid a decent wage to do what I do.

It's just.

It's true..


  1. I've reduced my hours at work, but I'm reluctant to retire completely as I have a couple of acquaintances who are retired & they seem to spend all their time obsessing about the weirdest things & I'm afraid I will become like them.
    Every time I see one of them she gives me a detailed count of how many stones are on her path that have come from her neighbours drive every day that week!

  2. And doesn't the truth bloody hurt!

  3. I just love, love, love what I have done all my adult life apart from some years off to have children. It was heartbreaking last year when I realised that I needed to retire and I am thrilled to be able to do one day a week and also support the staff by being on the governing body. I have been so very, very fortunate.
    J x

  4. I have spent many years resenting my job. Then last year after a terrible season of depression, I revaluated my priorities. I knew I had to reduce my levels of stress. So I reduced my working hours, then left that job. I have now found a wonderful job with wonderful people... less hours, less money but much more satisfaction and more importantly precious precious time with my gorgeous children whilst they are small. My job allows me to enjoy life with a little money... I cut my cloth accordingly. Xx I work because I have to... I am fortunate now to enjoy it and enjoy the fruits of my labour! Xx

  5. In all my working life I can honestly say there was only one job that I really loved doing - I'd probably still be there now if we hadn't moved away from the area. All other jobs since then I've done simply because I had to, I didn't actually like any of them. Now I no longer work because we live in a very rural area with few job prospects and I don't drive, so can't get anywhere to work. We had to adjust our lifestyle to take account of me not working, but have coped very well and I love the life we have now. I do feel for my husband, though, who's just biding time in a job he dislikes until he can retire in about 3 years.

  6. At one time I used to love my job, then I was made redundant (twice) and ended up in a job I wouldn't otherwise have done. Although you've got to learn every job, even though it might not be what you're used to or 'easier' than what you're used to, once I had done, I found it boring and working with a lot of women in the same office could be problematic, although there were a pretty nice group overall. I was by then only working for the money as my husband had had heart attack just before I went there and had to change his occupation which needed money going into it and not much coming out of it. Now I'm retired I think what the hell was it all about???


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