I do love a routine, don't you?

I don't just mean a cleaning and tidying routine (although I do have one of those), more of a day-by-day routine.

Being quite old-fashioned, Sunday has always been a quieter day, an at-home day, a day for family.

Today we managed dog walking, reading newspaper, tidying out shed (Man Wonderful) and working on sewing machine (me), cooking two meals, cleaning some inside windows and watering indoor plants as well as the garden veg.  

This evening we will sit down with Tour de France (MW) and knitting (me) and after the cycling we will talk about the week ahead.

This is a typical Sunday for us. 

Tomorrow we need to visit the Post Office and the village butcher (collecting meat for friend) then when home I will take some photos and list a couple of items of unwanted clothing on Vinted, and a wooden indoor blind on the local selling page.  I used to just gift anything we had excess to the charity shop, but nowadays I try to sell some items instead; although we do still have our charity bag to fill and donate.

I wore my latest home-sewn dress out today, and once in the week.  I'm really pleased with it - enough that I have already cut out another dress to sew from the last of my cotton jersey fabric in my stash.  They are long sleeved and longer in dress length; coming to mid-calf. 

Once this second dress is completed, I am planning a new quilt.  We have three homemade quilts in our lounge - the most recent is a handsewn, and was completed five years ago. The oldest is handsewn and was completed 15 years ago: and the other is a machine sewn one.  I cannot remember when I made it - but it was between the two handsewn ones!  

The machine-made one is getting a little faded, so will be downgraded to a picnic quilt once the new one is completed.

Now I'm off to groom and bath (if needed) the dogs.



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