Simple pleasures

Our wee house has a lovely view.  Opposite us is a small orchard between other houses in the close, beyond which is the estuary between Plymouth and Cornwall, and beyond that is Dartmoor.

We have a small view of the river and can see straight across to the moors.

Today a summer storm came in to give a little respite to the heatwave of the last few days. We saw the sky darken.  Clouds many shades of grey rolled in quickly and thunder started followed swiftly by a heavy shower of rain.  

Supper tonight was veg burgers with scalloped potatoes and baked beans.  I love making our 'own' veg burgers - always using the Jack Monroe '9p burger' as an idea.  Today the protein was chickpeas.

The grandchildren are here for a sleepover.  The puppy is being bouncy and attention-seeking, but the little ones are coping well with it. 

I'm wearing my charity-shop £2 silky kimono, feeling very feminine.

I've booked my supermarket delivery and collection days/times and have started planning meals for next month.  Once I have my list ready, I'll share it with you.

Before the storm I washed the outside windows of the conservatory and thoroughly cleaned the room.  It feels good to have done some deep cleaning.  I've borrowed the kids' carpet shampooer, so that once the warm weather returns I can properly wash the floors and leave them to dry.

I've just finished my daughter's reading book The People Next Door, and have Cilka's Journey from my neighbour to read next.

We have a safe home, food and easy activities. 

Simple pleasures.


  1. Sounds like you've found yourself a lovely little spot there my sweet.

    Veg burgers, potatoes and baked beans is right up my street, yum!


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