Footwear...can you help?

 I'm in a real quandary here...I spend the majority of my time at home and I have a problem:

What should I wear on my feet?

I mean, in the evening and in the winter I love wearing my slip-on slippers. 

When we go out I wear trainers to walk the dogs or clogs if we are going 'out'.  I sometimes wear a pair of heels (used to live in these when I was a full-time teacher!!).

I get up and dressed every day - but ir feels odd to be wearing slippers  (Maybe in a few years time, but I'm not quite there yet...)


What can I wear on my feet in the daytime, around the house, at home?

Are you in the same situation as me?  What do you wear on your feet?

Give me your ideas/opinion.

I genuinely want some help and advice today.



  1. I wear Sketchers clogs with socks which are only for indoors and keep my feet cosy. Catriona

    1. I always wear shoes in the house not slippers as I feel sloppy in them. a pair of lightweight shoes with a good sole(so I can pop into the garden) are good for me. I also must wear lipstick, earings and perfume then i am set up for the day !!x

  2. I tend to wear slip on Sketchers during the winter around the house, and sandals with a soft sole and elasticated upper part when it's hot. Both are very light, with cushioned soles and slip on and off easily. I like my comfort and prefer a small lift to the heel rather than a completely flat slipper for some of the day.

  3. In the winter I just wear sheepskin slippers with wool socks because I get really cold feet. I know people who wear wool clogs with a rubber sole, which are both warm and suitable for taking short trips outside to put out the garbage. In the summer I go barefoot or wear flat Clarks sandals if I have visitors.

  4. I wear Birkenstocks, mine last for years. If it's a bit chilly, I'll put socks on as well, but no doubt the fashion police will shout!!

  5. Hi, I have hip and back problems which can affect my walking slightly. I was furloughed for most of lockdown and began to get terrible pains in my hips and back. I was able to get a phone appointment with my physio, whose first question was "what shoes do you wear at home?" When I said slippers, he told me to only wear them for 2 hours a day max and to get myself a good supportive shoe and use them as house shoes, preferably lace ups and with a slight heel or wedge and to change them before going out. He said that slippers were the worst thing ever invented and that a lot of people were going to have problems because of wearing them so much during lockdown. Pleased to say I took his advice and no problems so far. I bought Pavers shoes. He also said that many elderly people would have less accidents if they wore proper shoes at home and would be more mobile in proper shoes instead of slippers.
    Hope this helps.

  6. I have a pair of Crocs for around the house. Wore them to Emergency by accident last year when a Kidney Stone decided to play havoc at midnight. Every nurse there loved them, white with a floral pattern on them, so not really bland and workwear looking.

  7. Some folk do have 'house shoes' which are whatever comfy shoes they choose that are *only* worn around the house. Like slippers, but shoes.
    I have some knockoff crocs or flip-flops for at home (cosy slippers in winter).

  8. When it is warm, I go barefoot - always have done - and when it's cooler I wear slippers that look a bit shoe-like - moccasin type, you know what I mean.
    When barefoot, I keep a pair of cloggy type cheapo shoes by the back door for when I want to go out to the shed or whatever.

  9. I wear flip flops around the house. I only wear slippers when its really cold.

  10. It has taken me a couple of years to sort this but now I have an indoor only pair of flip flops for the summer. If it’s a bit chilly and I need socks (no good with toe post flip flops) but don’t want my furry winter slippers I have a pair of my granddaughter’s cast off sliders. Mary


  11. I wear a pair of
    Birkenstock clogs. I bought them specifically to wear inside and they never leave the house. Cloggy type shoes are good since they slip on and off quickly! If it's cold I wear Ugg boots.

  12. I forgot to add that I'm also a big Crocs fan - have worn them for about 15 years now and I see that this year they've become trendy!! My current pair are at least 10 years old and I have 2 more pairs unworn in reserve.

  13. Crocs! I love them, so comfortable.

  14. I bought Vionic sandals with arch support for use only indoors as I don't like slippers. They are great.


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