Meal Plan July 2022

I meal plan to save money.  It involves discussion, stocktaking and planning - but it is financially well worth it.  I got the idea first from my parents when I was growing up, and more recently from Martin Lewis on his Money Saving website.

I write out the days and dates on the month first - we have commitments on some days that affect our choice of meal.

I write in a rough guide of what we will eat on each day - but it remains completely flexible, so if we don't fancy a stir-fry one day, or I've planned a hearty stew and it's a hot day, then we can cook something else.

We rarely eat out.  There is just nothing we can't make cheaper at home!

We don't eat meat, but do eat eggs and fish.

Here is the meal plan for July:

Fr 1 - Salmon

S 2 - Curried veg mince and peas

Su 3 - Family meal

M 4 - Homemade veg burgers

T 5 - Quiche

W6 - Stir fry with Quorn slices

Th 7 - Chilli

F 8  - Salmon

S 9 - Risotto

Su 10 - Roast veg and veg sausages

M 11 - Cottage pie with veg mince

T 12 - Pasta 

W 13 - Stir fry veg

Th 14 - Bolognese with veg mince

F 15  - Salmon

S 16 - Home made Pizza

Su 17 - Roast veg and veg sausages

M 18 - All Day Breakfast

T 19 - Hummus and Roasted veg

W 20 - Stir-fry

Th 21 - Veg Chilli

F 22 - Salmon

S 23 - Veg curry

Su 24 - Toad in the Hole with roasted veg and spuds

M 25 - All Day Breakfast

T 26 - Fish Pie with mash

W 27 - Stir-fry

Th 28 - Bolognese

F 29 - Salmon

S 30 - Pasta and Homemade sauce

Su 31 - Family meal


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