Frugal Improvements!

 Even though we live a frugal life it doesn't stop the natural desire to improve or personalise your home - it just alters the budget you have at your disposal.

I have a wee notebook we use to write our ideas and a list of household jobs we want to achieve.

When we moved here in November, one idea I sketched out was changing the garden to better suit our needs.

I wanted to have a wee patio on the higher level, and a smarter looking plot. We have the tiniest of budgets so after Man Wonderful designed a plan, I set about salvaging and collecting together the bits we would need.

I also checked out what we already had that could be reused.

The list was:

. Black plastic paving squares - 4 - £16

. Builders sand - 2 bags - £8

. 16 paving slabs - free from Facebook selling page

. Grey chippings - already here, just needed moving

. Outdoor paint for shed and wall - free on Fb selling page.

The plants and outdoor art I already had.

We spent the Jubilee Weekend working in the garden, and here is the result:

Here is a before pic (from before we moved in: the fence had been replaced since).

And here is what it looks like now:

Not bad for £24, eh?!

Now it's time to sit, drink tea and read my book.



  1. That's really lovely. Roll over Charlie Dimmock! X

  2. It looks fantastic and very inspiring to. We'll done. Wanda x


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