Frugal Improvements!

 Even though we live a frugal life it doesn't stop the natural desire to improve or personalise your home - it just alters the budget you have at your disposal.

I have a wee notebook we use to write our ideas and a list of household jobs we want to achieve.

When we moved here in November, one idea I sketched out was changing the garden to better suit our needs.

I wanted to have a wee patio on the higher level, and a smarter looking plot. We have the tiniest of budgets so after Man Wonderful designed a plan, I set about salvaging and collecting together the bits we would need.

I also checked out what we already had that could be reused.

The list was:

. Black plastic paving squares - 4 - £16

. Builders sand - 2 bags - £8

. 16 paving slabs - free from Facebook selling page

. Grey chippings - already here, just needed moving

. Outdoor paint for shed and wall - free on Fb selling page.

The plants and outdoor art I already had.

We spent the Jubilee Weekend working in the garden, and here is the result:

Here is a before pic (from before we moved in: the fence had been replaced since).

And here is what it looks like now:

Not bad for £24, eh?!

Now it's time to sit, drink tea and read my book.



  1. It looks lovely, such an achievement on a small budget! I’ve used my local Buy Nothing group to accumulate a patio table and chairs, and chairs for my front porch. It’s rewarding to rehome items that would otherwise be taken to the dump.

  2. That's really lovely. Roll over Charlie Dimmock! X

  3. It looks fantastic and very inspiring to. We'll done. Wanda x


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