Meals for May

 Meals for the month of May - for readers who are new to this blog, the reason I list the meals for the month is quite simply,


I enjoy being organised.

I enjoy knowing what is planned ahead, to avoid anxiety/stress.

I enjoy having brain space free for other things.

So what do I do?  

I stock take the fridge and freezer, and our pantry.  From this basic list I plan meals I can easily make with few additional items.

I take my list and go to the app and work out which supermarkets are the cheapest for each item.

Then I plan to use just three supermarkets.  One as a click and collect, one as a delivery and one that is our walk-to local.

So here is our list of May meals.  (N.B we are meat and dairy-free, but we do eat fish and eggs)

1 Roast - this meat-free roast is at our kids' house

2 Picnic - it's a bank holiday so we are planning a day-trip out.

3 ADB (All Day Breakfast) We eat meat-free sausages with beans, potato wedges, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.

4 Mushroom omelette 

5 Chilli - I know it's a Thursday when Man Wonderful cooks his meat-free chilli

6 Fish Pie - I ADORE fish pie.  I buy frozen cubed fish, add a homemade white sauce and top with mash.  YUM!

7 Bolognese - another MW regular

8 Roast - I have a Quorn roast for us and will cook a piece of pork for the family.

9 Leftovers - we have leftover roast veggies

10 ADB (All Day Breakfast)

11 Stir fry- MW loves to cook a stir-fry.  He uses cubed Quorn.

12 Chilli

13 Salmon - oven baked with roasted or steamed veg

14 Bolognese

15 Roast

16 Leftovers

17 ADB (All Day Breakfast)

18 Curry - I cook veg curries.  Today I'm cooking chana masala and sag aloo

19 Chilli

20 Salmon

21 Bolognese

22 Roast

23 Leftovers

24 ADB (All Day Breakfast)

25 Lentil stew - I use the slow cooker and pop in any veg that needs using up

26 Chilli

27 Salmon

28 Bolognese

29 Roast

30 Leftovers

31 ADB (All Day Breakfast)

It saves me money because:

1. I don't go to the supermarket for a thing that is not on the list.!

2. I plan around what we already have.

3. I buy just what is needed.

Do you do this organisation?

What do you organise?

FM xx


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