Cholesterol levels

I had a very lovely surprise today.

Following on from my short visit to hospital two weeks ago, I received the discharge summary and future plans in the post today.

I had been not 100% for a number of months and became very poorly needing hospital care.

I had what I have been calling a wake-up call regarding my health about 12 weeks ago from my GP and have since changed both my food input and exercise amount. I've - very happily - shed almost 16kg in 11 weeks.

Anyhow, weight loss and feeling healthy aside, in the letter today was lots of medical/clinical data including my cholesterol levels - something I have never even thought about, let alone done anything about.

It seems I have gone from a cholesterol level of 7.4 (extremely high) to 5.9 (still high, but no longer at risk of something awful) - again, this is just because of 11 weeks (so far) of eating really healthily and swimming. 

I am really really happy!! And it hasn't been either difficult or expensive.

I'm clearly going to continue in this vein .. and talking of veins, I have another blood test booked in for a month's time to see how this has changed again.

Ooh there has been a cost - I have needed to buy a new pair of jeans (in two sizes below where I was, as my 'old' ones were just falling down) and two new t-shirts in a smaller size.  I've looked around charity shops, and scored the jeans for £3 and two t-shirts for £1.  Bonus!

If anyone wants more details on the food we are eating now, please message me and I'll write more on this subject.

Wishing  you all good health,



  1. Congratulations on your magnificent weight loss! Yes, it would be nice if you could share the details on what you are eating.

  2. would love to read about your new food regime. You seemed to be eating so healthily before that I am extremely curious as to how you are improving this. So very glad you are feeling so much better. Wake up calls are scary things in their way. All the best. Kim


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