Eat less processed food?


So the news today has an article about a potential cooking oil crisis due to the Ukraine War. The majority of sunflower oil is imported from Ukraine and Russia and Ukrainian farmers are not able to be getting fields ready and planting for next year. While other plants that make oil can be used, there will still be a significant shortage. The article goes on to say this will affect the manufacture of processed foods such as crisps, oven chips, ready meals, biscuits and mayonnaise with a knock-on price rise to other oils.

I am drawn to think two things about this.

My first reaction is that this is a good thing. Eating less crap like processed foods can only be beneficial for a healthy body. 

Secondly, highly processed 'convenient' foods have been a part of society for a relatively short time, maybe this could nudge folks into a home-made more simplistic diet? The 1940s diet has proved very popular recently with lower income households, and certainly has very few processed items.

I know that vegetable oils do have health benefits - Man Wonderful would certainly miss olive oil, so it's one more expense for some households: or just another adjustment.


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