A Month's Shopping Haul *

 (* I don't think my wee amount of shopping counts as a 'haul'!)

After writing the list of meals for the month, checking what we already had, and using the app to show which shops had the cheapest of each item; this is what we bought this month:

baked beans

salmon fillets 

stuffing mix (i)

vegetable quarter pounders

roll-on deodorant

herbal tea bags

kitchen towels

washing-up liquid 

double strength orange squash 

fish pie mix

olive oil 1 litre

yeast extract (shop's own Marmite) (i)

tomato puree

lemon juice

cheese (i)

olive spread

Quorn mince

wet wipes (i)

frozen peas

Quorn sausages

Quorn chicken style pieces

dijon mustard

tomato ketchup (i)

dog poo bags

veg stock cubes

porridge oats

soya milk

oat milk

tinned sweetcorn

black olives

coconut milk

( the (i) denotes the additional shopping I do for feeding the grandkids!!)

Next blogpost I'll share with you my list of meals for the month!



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