Studying time

For those who don't know, I'm studying part-time with the Open University.

This began at the start of Lockdown when I got bored and saw an advert.  

I'm studying for a degree in Social Psychology - something that is super interesting, and is way off the grid of my previous qualifications (BMus, M.Ed and Diplomas is SEN and Speech and Language). In my former life I was an SEN specialist.  In this life I tutor people in piano every now and then. :-)

But back to the current studies:

It is actually good fun.

The OU system is set out in manageable blocks, and there is online support always available.

Student finance is no issue, as you don't begin to pay it back until you hit a particular earning threshold. 

There is a wide range of subjects to choose from.

So - and as always, this is my opinion only and I'm not sponsored by anyone, but if you are curious; check them out.

For now, I'm off to listen to a tutorial about why people choose the way they behave.

Take care,



  1. Eh up Tracey, I did a stint upon the Open University many years ago and found it a great form of education although due to the great mental crash of the early 2,000's it went by the by. I do sometimes wish these days I had the time/finance to resume but then again I am still learning how to live daily. Then again time is not a problem, at least for a few weeks, since the 'great snap' of t'other week.

  2. as a perpetual student (3 undergrad degrees and 3 post grad!) with the OU and also as an OU psychology tutor I would say to anyone just go for it!


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