Meal Planning

One of my lovely readers asked about our meal planning, so this is how we do it:

1. I take an inventory of the fresh foods we want to use first.

2. I plan our meals based on these, with as few items from the shop as possible.

3. I plan which days we will eat which meal.

4. I shop for anything we need in one trip.

So here is our meal plan for this week, and why.

1. I have three different types of cabbage, lots of mushrooms and some onions that need using first.


Lentil and Vegetable cottage pie

Plenty of lentils in the store cupboard, swede and spuds to make the mash topping.


Japanese Stir-fry with rice

Sliced cabbage, mushrooms, onions, carrots and celery. Plenty of rice in store cupboard. Need to buy soy sauce.


Home made falafel, crunchy salad and pittas 

Tinned beans, eggs, salad from veg the same as yesterday. Need to buy pittas.


Sausage and Boston bean casserole

I have a butternut squash to use for this, plus tinned beans and tomatoes and frozen veg sausages.


Curry night

I plan to make a lentil dal as well as a madras using up any sad veg.



Veg sausages and burgers served with beans and scrambled eggs.


If its/HM ready meals from the freezer.


  1. Good planning always makes life easier. Love your choices for the week.
    Any chance of posting the Sausage and Boston bean casserole recipe?
    Sounds ideal for the coming winter nights :)

    1. Hi!
      Here is the recipe I use for the Sausage and bean casserole ( not an original and I don't know where it came from years ago..)
      2 tins baked beans
      1 packet veggie sausages (I love Quorn ones, but will buy Linda Mc ones if they are on special offer)
      Pumpkin (if cooking this time of year, as they are cheap now Halloween is over) or butternut squash, cut into chunks/cubes
      Smoked paprika
      English mustard
      2 x Chopped onions
      Mushrooms, sliced
      1 x tin tomatoes

      Put everything into a casserole dish or slow cooker.
      If slow cooker, bung on low for the day ( I do this - prep in the morning, eat in the evening).
      If casserole dish, pop in hot oven for an hour.
      Serve with a jacket spud.
      Rub tummy after and say: 'That was blooming lovely!


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