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 My Wee Wardrobe

I read a lovely blogpost today here: about clothes.
I realised I haven't blogged about my clothes for a super-long time.

Man Wonderful and I have limited wardrobes, out of choice.
We are older people, we don't feel the need to keep up with clothing trends and have clothing we need rather than be dragged into clothing we 'want' or fashions might dictate.

We share one single wardrobe and a small 5-drawer tallboy chest of drawers.

I wear similar underwear most days - black pants and crop-top - and have two underwired black bras I wear for going out, or when I want a change from a crop-top.
I wear black thick denier tights or thin stockings (again when we dress up to go out).
I either wear plain grey sock or handknitted ones that are a little thicker and v warm.

Posh frock
For going out I have a black dress that I accessorise with either a coloured cardigan or a wrap.  It is suitable to dress down or dress up.  I have worn my denim jacket over it too for going out for a nice lunch.

Everyday clothes
I have a pair of blue denim jeans and a blue denim knee skirt.
(I also have the next size down in jeans ready - I am currently too small for a 16 and just too big for a 14...but they don't make size 15's..!)
Also a pair of legging-y trousers for wearing under dresses, and a pair of wide-leg black trousers that go with t-shirts and jumpers.
I have a long-skirted v-neck spotty dress that I wear as it is or with a jumper or hoody over.
I have two long-sleeved tunic-y dresses from the chazza shop (One is SeaSalt, one is Mantaray).  They are floral and a bit faded.  I have one woolly dress - again chazza - that is really comfy in the winter.
I have three t-shirts - one is a tunic top with pockets, one is a normal black t shirt, and the last one is an oversized black t with a logo printed on it.
I have a red velvet hoody that I bought when I was pregnant with GorgeousDaughter (she is 28 next month) and my winter velvetty coat was bought at the same time (from C&A if anyone remembers them?!)
I wear a jumper that was my dad's (he died in 1991) and one my mum made for me in 1988.  Both made by mum (she died in 2002) and going strong.
I have a green jumper (charity shop) I wear to walk dog, and a new pale pink one (Vinted) I have yet to be persuaded that it suits me.

I have a scruffy pair of trainers for dog walking and a nice pair of converse I have not worn yet (bought from Vinted for £10).
I have walking boots - again for dog walking.
I wear clogs - one low pair and one higher heeled pair - and have a pair of 'sensible' black court shoes (weddings, etc) and pair of 4" black stilettos (for going out).
I used to wear Irregular Choice shoes when I was a full-time teacher: something GD has inherited!
Ooh - I also wear fluffy warm slippers when I'm chilling out, and have a pair of 'sliders' for the summer.

Winter coat - fluffy, black, mentioned above.
Waterproof coat - for dog walking
Denim jacket - has hand embroidery to make it unique - came from charity shop about ?10? years ago
Posh mac - bought this in a charity shop in the summer for £5.

Sorry no pics, but use your imagination. X

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Thanks for sharing, that's really interesting - you definitely have all the bases covered with what you have! I too have and wear clothes from decades ago (and most of those pieces are handmade like yours too!).


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