Dealing with Anger

 (This post was written a week ago and before recent news.)

I am usually a chilled-out cookie.

But stress and anger do get to me, like everybody else.  

For a long time I would swallow things and just stick on a happy face. And I mean for a l-o-o-o-ng time. Years.

This wasn't at all healthy.

When I got ill, part of this was my held-in feelings.

Now I'm not saying it's the right thing to let emotions out as they happen, but it's really not healthy to keep your feelings held in and swallowed down and hidden.

There are many ways to express these feelings in a healthy way.

These are some I genuinely use: (n.b. these are not recommendations, and I'm not sponsored by anyone.  They are my own opinions. Just needed to say that.)

1. Swearing. Away from children and small animals, of course. Wouldn't want to go startling a hamster.

2. Tupperware tossing.  I have a space in one of my kitchen cupboards where I stack plastic boxes. If I get really upset I know I can throw these light boxes around the kitchen and throw my temper out.

3. Pillow plumping.  I like to make the bed and give my pillows a real thumpy-plumping-up. 

4.Soaking in the bath with quiet music playing.

5. Folding clothing and towels and making something really really (like Marie Kondo) tidy.

6.Crying. Like proper sobbing until you are gasping for breath. It always feels a bit better after a great big cry. Like adding sweetener to your coffee. It's not sugar so it's not fab - but it's better than without.

I hope any of this might help someone - even the hamster.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I am most definitely a swearer, probably of professional standard these days, my other outlets are ruthlessly tiding or going for a long walk hopefully without having to communicate with any bugger!


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