Vinted vs eBay

So we have experience of selling things on eBay.

I've sold items we don't want anymore: shoes, clothes, kids' toys, vintage items.  Sometimes they sell, sometimes they don't - and if they don't I take them to the local charity shop.

Selling items for me is a good way of keeping the wee house from getting crowded with items.  

I love passing on things to the charity shop, don't get me wrong, but I also like getting a few pennies back for things that are worth a few quidlets.

Recently I noticed a TV advert for Vinted; another online selling forum: so I thought I'd have a try at selling with it, and review both selling companies.


1. eBay requires you to have an account, to upload photographs of your item for sale and describe it.

    Vinted also requires the above, but uploading photos is much, much easier.  The descriptions do not have to be very detailed, and it offers five paragraphs for you to choose from (and click) that describe the condition of your item.

2. eBay requires the seller to pay for the postage to send the item.

    Vinted requires the buyer to pay for the postage - and the buyer can choose to have the item delivered to an address, or to a Hermes locker (this is useful if the person is not going to be at home in the day, so they can collect the item later).

3. eBay takes money from the sale, an amount to post the advert, and a percentage of the sale price.

    Vinted is free.  It takes no money for advertising the item, nor an amount from the sale price.   I'll explain below how it makes it's money. *

4. eBay has a ten-day policy so the seller can return the item for a refund should they not be happy.  

    On Vinted, the buyer has to click that they have received the item and whether they are happy with it.  If not, they message the seller straightaway, who can then address any problem.

5. eBay use PayPal to manage the money side of things.

* Vinted 'holds' the money paid until the item is received and OK - then it passes the money earned to the seller.  While the few pounds are 'held' by Vinted, it earns interest on the cash.  This is how it makes it's money.

I have an account for each selling forum.  

They both earn me a few pounds.

But so far, Vinted is fast becoming my favourite as it is easier to use.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. That is very interesting Tracey. I have sold on Ebay but never used Vinted. Over the time I have been using Ebay it has become more and more expensive, they even take ten percent of the postage cost!
    My sister has been thinking about trying Vinted, I will pass your thoughts on to her. Thank you


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