15 weeks time...

It's just 15 short weeks to Christmas.

I do have an addiction:  I make no apology for this; Christmassy things make me happy.

And this includes the 'run-up' to the day itself.

However, I don't fall into the trap of over-spending or commercialisation ('Ooh I must have the latest what-so-ever').  Instead I invest in thinking about the people I wish to gift to as they are the most special people in my life.

So today I cut out, pinned together and sewed a pair of pyjamas that are for my granddaughter.  I bought the fabric online and have had the paper pattern for a while.

The PJs have rainbows and unicorn on them and were not difficult to make.

I am also making a knitted jacket for grandson.  He loves hoods so I'm adding a hood to this simple pattern.

Today I purchased a gift for Man Wonderful online.  (I can't say what as he reads my blog!)  

Our small budget covers Christmas adequately as it is an important feature that we manage money for each month.

Two things are very important to me:

1.  Avoid any debt.   (We do not have any form of loan or credit card.  I would rather live below the line than have to pay someone more than I used.  Been there and done that.)

2.  Avoid any stress.  

Hence the early planning and making.

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. Oh, yes, as soon as September starts. It's not just the getting things in, it's the 'what shall we do' so I check round the family to find out who is coming to mine and then start planning accordingly. I love it - it's such fun. xx


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