Not everything has to be Frugal!

 Regular readers will know that Man Wonderful and I live below the line on a small budget - and live a bl**dy brilliant life.

We manage with what we have, save up for stuff we need to replace or would like; and enjoy each day for what it is.

I like reading how other people manage or live on a small budget simply because we do too. 

But it isn't all that bad.

If these folks are writing a blog, then they have enough money to live on - they are paying for the internet, they have a phone or laptop to write on, they have clothes on their backs and a choice of dishes to cook and eat.

Some folk write as if they are on their last bean, sharing a pair of pants with their husband..

So I thought I'd say what we don't do frugally (or cheaply).

We buy decent underwear.  It feel good and it is important to us to feel good and look good.

We save and buy good footwear.  It is a false economy to buy footwear that won't last.

I buy recycled loo paper - it is more expensive than other brands but it does the same job and is better for the world.

We pay a little more to have our utilities from a 'green' company.

We pay a little more for some of our groceries as we like to buy from our local mini-supermarket as it helps to keep them in business.

Helping small businesses is something we really like to do.

We pay to a coupe of charities by Direct Debit each month.  

When things were really tight we didn't do these things, now we can, we do.

Not everything has to be frugal - remember we all have a choice about some things.

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. I first "met" you during the webz heyday of "poverty porn" blogs.

    I enjoy being cautious with our money, I mean that's how we paid off our mortgage six years early and were able to give our sons part of their inheritance to get them into homes.

    Unless you are living without shelter and knowing where your next meal is coming from, you are not poor!

    I believe in fate, screw your friends over and it will come back to bite you.

    The old saying is be kind on the way up because you don't know who will meet you on the way down.

  2. I enjoy reading about how other people are frugal too and I like your comment about sharing pants! :) I think that one of the perks of being frugal is having enough money to spend on things that you really want to spend it on, rather than splashing out on every new 'must have' that we are told we ought to buy. I would sooner have a nice piece of 'new to me' unfashionable brown furniture than the latest shiny mobile phone any day of the week.


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