Fewer or Less - - -

Oh Boy!

In a world where people are struggling for their lives, for their freedom, to just live without fear; it is incredibly tiny to have a bugbear.

(Having just typed that introduction, whatever I write now is going to seem trite, so please just pause to give your thoughts time ..)

Please, please forgive this blogpost: but it's going to be a wee rant.


Now on with the light-hearted silliness that is my blog..

My bugbear is about the use of the words fewer or less.

Fewer is an amount that can be counted - there were fewer dogs in the park today.

                                    I bought fewer slices of bacon.

Less is an amount that is measured rather than counted - please use less milk in my tea.

You can't have fewer milk.

My nephew had fewer presents this year.  You can't have less presents.

There is less paint left than I thought.  You can't have fewer paint.

I have no problem with Joe Bloggs in the street having an issue - but TV presenters and newsreaders I do have an issue with.

Sorry - rant over. (Have a nice rest of your day.)



  1. I am so pleased to meet a fellow member of that particular club! It really gets on my t**s! Another along a similar vein is number and amount. Number of people, amount of food. So easy!

  2. Oh, that particular misuse really gets up my nose too - I watch a lot of slimming vlogs and 'less calories' - aarrrggghhh!
    I share your pain, I really do!

    You have a nice day too.

  3. I share this peeve and the pettiness-guilt too!


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