When you're weary..

 ...feeling small...

We all get days where life just seems so heavy.

There just isn't enough chocolate (or cheese, or crisps - whatever your poison is) left in the world to lift your spirits.

On a day like that, I hope one of these might help:

P.S. Don't try dancing with a lemon.  Trust me on that one...

I like that one.  It's like a well-meaning chum.  A bossy one, but well-meaning.

1. Apply pressure to the fleshy skin between your thumb and index finger.  Chinese medicine says it will help with relaxation. 

2. Make a to-do list.  Put dates by things that are essential, everything else is just a to-do.

3. Stand outdoors, tilt your head upwards and breathe in the outdoors air.

4. Have five minutes on your own away from life.  The loo is quite a good place to escape other people - take a crossword and a pencil with you and pretend you are going to a poo!

5. Try this meditation that helps me:   

Close your eyes.

Think to yourself:  what can I taste?  Taste inside your mouth and decide what you can taste.

          Think to yourself:  what can I smell?  Breathe in and decide what you can smell.

          What can I hear?  Listen and decide what you can hear.

What can I feel?  Think through your body from your feet to your head, and move bits and bobs to reach complete comfort.

 What can I see?  Let your mind wander into the first scene your brain gives you.  a dusty old antique shop.... a miniature dolls house ... a summer meadow with picnic under dappled trees ...  

N.B.  If you are time-limited, set an alarm on your phone as stage 5 above often has me dozing off...!  You can then relax into your visualisation.

Do you have any positive ideas I can add here?

Tracey xx




  1. How about reading a short, but beautiful poem? Or just a short time sitting outside focusing on something small - an insect, an individual flower, the way the light falls on a wall. I like your lists and think I will print them out for when I am having 'one of those days'.

  2. For my bad days, and some that aren't bad at all, I have a game on my phone. Things like focusing on breathing or other "me" centred things don't work for me at all, a little distraction with brightly coloured blobs helps to bring about some calm and give me a little reset.


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