I'm having one of those days.

No, not a sad or blue day. (Thankfully)

But one of those days where you drop things, you spill stuff, your cardigan gets caught on the door handle..etc.

My daughter calls them 'days when mum can't cook!'

We all get daft days, don't we?

I sat down earlier to watch a sneaky half-hour of junk TV.  the house was quiet, I had nothing I had to do for that half-hour,  I had an ice-cold can of pepsi max ( I'm not sponsored by anything except Man Wonderful ), bliss...

Then I knocked the can over.

Onto the floor the sofa arm and seat cushion, down the side of the coffee table..

After this was cleared up, I thought I'd relax again and lit a candle.

And knocked a glass topped box off the mantlepiece onto the marble base beneath.


Ok, ok.

All cleared away and nobody was hurt.

The box part of the glass-topped box that dropped is saved, and the sides are covered in small mirrored tiles.  

Then I dropped the box while tidying away and tiles came off one of the sides


Yes, one of those days!!

Tracey xx


  1. Oh, no - what a day! Hoping today is better for you. xx

  2. I know the feeling, I dropped a glass and a plate whilst washing up last Monday.


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