Wearing Wellies

 Today was fab.

We were woken by a little person - the grandkids slept over last night - and had breakfast in our PJs with both grandkids which was lovely! (A background of Peppa Pig and almost continuous questions...but why is it Nannie?)

The kidlets were collected by a refreshed mum, then Man Wonderful and I had a little lunch together of salad, bits and bobs.

Then we got changed into our old clothes and wellies - yes me, I own a pair of wellies! (Confession: they've never actually been worn...)

We went with grandkids and daughter just onto Dartmoor and played in the woods by a very shallow stream.  

The dog met several other dogs and got thoroughly muddy so when we got home there was another adventure of "bath-the-dog"!

Our day was rounded off by a veggy roast* au grace de Man Wonderful.

When we got into bed tonight I asked Man Wonderful if he was surprised I actually owned wellies - we've only been together 21 years, after all.....he said he was more surprised I didn't fall over while I was wearing them.

Small mercies.

Tracey xx

* roasted potatoes, carrots, butternut squash and parsnips; served with yorkshire puddings, veggy gravy, mashed carrots and swede. y-u-m.


  1. How wonderful that you had the grandkids stay over. Sounds like quite the adventure and such fun.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day had by all and I couldn't live without wellies as otherwise I'd be barefoot 😂


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