When is a blogger not a blogger?

 A fun title, but not such a fun topic I want to talk about tonight.  


I have blogged since about 2006.  

My first blog was entitled My Beautiful Life, and in it I wrote about living life - recipes, patterns I'd used, funny things I'd seen - and all lived without spending too much unnecessary dosh.  I wrote about how we had holidays with camping and cooking ourselves, how we bought from charity shops and saved up for more expensive things.  We lived without building up debts and lived differently to other folk.  

No worries.

My second blog entitled Frugalmummy can be read here.

I took a long time out to reflect.

Then began this blog.  

It is still my beautiful life, we still live the same way - because it's how we live.




My first blog, the whole of it, copied then deleted by the person who had helped me set it up so knew the daft password I had used.  Then set about coping and using posts as their own.


When I tried to ask then what the f*** was going on I was set upon verbally and treated like a piece of s**t on their shoe.

So, I sadly learned a lesson.  

However very recently I was asked again (as I get asked every now and then) what happened to a great friendship that was played out via blogland as well as in real life and I - probably stupidly - logged onto a youtube site to see a 'dear' friend hosting their web channel, but listened in disbelief as they have taken Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert) word.for.word and are churning this out as their own!

I have no anger towards this sad individual - been there, done that - instead I feel very sad for them.

Dear, dear.

Tracey xx


  1. I know who you are talking about, lol.

    She went into a FB page looking for fan girls to take to her new enterprise/universe. She misjudged her audience, they were all American and some of her posts got slaughtered.

    No mention of the inheritance they used to get to their new area. Just hardwork, getting rid of debt, aren't we awesome.

  2. The phrase ''badly done!'' springs to mind. Oh why do some people have no shame.

  3. I used to know someone who had a family member with a rare terminal cancer. A 'friend' of hers was always offering a shoulder to cry on. It then became clear that this 'friend' was using all the details to fool people into thinking that she herself had this condition. She wasn't asking for money or anything, but just feeding off their sympathy. How sad is that? Needless to say, the friendship came to an abrupt halt, but the hurt and sense of betrayal took a long time to go away.


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