Trying the 'app'

Thanks to Rachel Radio Star, I am trying out the app on my iPad.
I haven't been able to properly add pictures/photos, so here's hoping this works!!

If you are a follower of this blog, that's great!
I'll be having a giveaway for followers soon....

If you are not yet a follower, sign up, and you'll be eligible.

But today I have something for everyone to have a go at:

Ask me one question that you'd like me to answer on my blog. I'll post the questions with my answers in a future blogpost!

Hopefully these pics can be seen, and I'll be back later to see the questions.

(Don't forget to look out for the fab giveaway.....!)



  1. I can't see any pictures Tracey. X

  2. I can't see any pictures, Tracey :( But am very glad to see you back blogging, you were missed. Questions? Can't think of any right now (my brain is a bit addled with painkillers for a bad back).

  3. I don't use an app for blogging using my iPad, I just log in to the normal page. My photos are uploaded to Picasa web albums and then downloaded onto blog post from there. On a laptop it's very straightforward with no need for two sets of actions, but if you want a photo from your iPad you have to log in to Picasa web albums (using your blogger email and password) and upload it - then go back to 'Home' part of Picasa where you see all the folders. You must make sure the album is set to public viewing and not left as private.

    Then go into blog post and where you want to add a photo click the photo icon at the top line of symbols above the body of the post . Then click the option 'From Picasa web albums'. All the photos that have been uploaded now - or previously - will now come into view. Just click the one you want, highlight it and click 'Upload'

    It sounds complicated but it really isn't, especially after practice. Do a test post - which you can always delete afterwards.

  4. Bloody hell, John 'out o touch' Wooldridge has just discovered that you are back m'dear ....wooo hoooo.
    No pictures here I'm afraid but a question for you mmmmmmmm......Aha by jove I have it......curry or pizza? (what? you expected something tres sensible from moi m'dear?)
    tara for now x

    1. John you should know me by now: curry every time! X

    2. I am here because John sent me
      - Hello! :)

  5. No pictures I'm afraid - at least not that I can see

  6. Welcome back, a little belated, thanks to John for letting us know. Looking forward to hearing more about your new abode, you sound blissfully contented. If it was not for Francesca I would happily live in a much smaller place, your set up sounds perfect.

  7. What name did you give the guide dog ?sorry don't have a blog yet,came over from Johns, Of Brambles and Bears.Ann

    1. Hi Ann, guide dog was called Aberdare. Xxx

  8. Sadly the bloomingAPP is now defunct. It's impacted on my blogging as the dashboard gets right on my t*ts !


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