Carrying the weight

Angela over at Tracing Rainbows posted today about the trays she has in her kitchen, and what she uses each for.

I commented about the one tray we have in our new place.

Since we downsized radically at the start of the year, everything has to 'work' and 'earn' it's space.
The tray we kept from our collection (no, we weren't tray collectors, just normal people who have brought children into adulthood with a houseful of bits and bobs) is a slim melamine one that is perfect for carrying a couple of mugs outdoors.
But everything we own has to have more than one use, so this tray is also used - and lives - on the front windowsill, so that on shopping day I fill it with apples and pears and they ripen up wonderfully.

It's much easier than you would think living in a tiny space:-

. everything has a home, and it's within grabbing distance
. I can reach into all the cupboards without standing on a step
. tidying away takes minutes, and we do it without thinking so there's no 'oh I must get around to that...'
. it takes me 10 minutes to hoover, 20 minutes to change the bedding and 20 minutes to wipe, dust and polish everywhere: including the windows!
. we are together
. it is a very cheap way to live!

Despite life having been very difficult health-wise over the last 5 years- and in particular since last July - living this way has been THE BEST decision we could have made.
Knowing we have our own tiny piece of bliss to retreat to has enabled me to make steps towards recovery, and helped MW in supporting me.
When we step through the door, it feels like the weight I've been carrying falls away.
We all need a place - or a time - to put down our 'baggage'.

How do you manage to carry the weight?



  1. I need a couple of days away in the countryside. It doesn't have to be anything swanky a tent will do although I'm not averse to something a bit more upmarket. The scenery and tranquillity recharges my batteries and I feel truly happy.


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