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This is one day where I wish I could post photographs from this iPad.  (If you know how to do this, please message me!!)
Today I want to tell you about some of the amazing things I have been fortunate enough to do so far in my life.

This post has been sparked by a chum taking her courage in her hands and arranging to take her two daughters to London on the coach to a live concert of a popular band.
It was on her bucket list.

I joke that I don't have a bucket list, I have a f**k it list, but in truth I do have one.

I lived very simply and under the parapet of life until I was 30.
Then I got the f**k it list and actually started living life a bit.
And some of the things I've done, looking back, were pretty-bloody-amazing.

For example, I wanted to buy a guide dog.
Not give money towards one, or get one because I needed one, no.
I wanted to raise enough money myself to actually buy one.
And I did.
From organising a formal ball, to playing the piano, sponsored, for 24 hours (yes, really!), to shaking a can in the street, to holding a silent auction, to pestering local businesses, to holding weekly raffles: in just under a year I raised the cash.
And I got a gold (coloured) medal for doing it.
I got to pick the name of the puppy that would be trained, too.

Another thing I wanted to do was go to Romania and do something to help the children stuck in orphanages.
And I did it.
Again, through fundraising and highlighting the cause, holding meetings and school assemblies, mufti days and talks to scout and guide groups; and recruiting four other people to come with me - I traveled to Romania, to Timisoara, to a little town an hour away and spent time and money there delivering love and time and teaching and aid to the people who needed it.

Something else I wanted to do was boost the shoebox appeal one Christmas.
Months before I started populising the cause and the school where I worked ended up sending nearly 300 shoeboxes.  It was fantastic to think of disadvantaged kids in terrible situations receiving a gift thanks to the thoughts of others.

Other things I've done, with me - or us - in mind have been breathtaking:
. a ride in a hot air balloon
. a helicopter trip
. Seeing the pyramids
. Going up the Eiffel Tower

We have lived such a lucky life compared to many - we worked hard to earn our pennies, but we played hard, too.

But I still have several things on my bucket list.

I've seen many sunsets, but I'd like to see a sunrise on the beach.
I've had many beautiful meals, but I'd like to eat a meal on a balcony.
I've danced countless times, but I'd like to dance in the moonlight.

Over to you now: what do you have on your bucket list?
What have you accomplished?  What do you think everyone should try?



  1. Go on your iPad to the App Store, in the search box type blogger - that's what app I use on my iPad. I used to have it on my iPhone but not any more! It's easy and you can add photos dead easy!

  2. Wow! Just found out that you are back again lovely to see you shall enjoy reading your blog again.

  3. Wow, big hugs - I have found you too! It sounds like you are in a far better place than you were when we last had contact. I think I know how you are living, hope you have taken some inspiration from our life - which we are still living, although we do work for around 6 months of the year. I will try to email you tomorrow, if I can find your email address. Lovely to have you back, and for your updates. X

    1. Email address is tdwebb1969@gmail.com xx


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